Name Role Phone Email

Karen Shirley

BAT Coordinator

0437 032 647

Victoria Strachan

BHAC President and BAT Assistant Coordinator

0427 032 933

Leanne Stein

Pt Lonsdale / Queenscliff Liaison

Borough of Queenscliffe

5258 1377

Alison Fincher

BAT Assistant

0418 577 115



Barwon Heads Arts Council (BHAC) is thrilled to welcome local artists back to our very popular arts trail event. We had a rest in 2019 after three very successful events in a row, and a forced rest last year. Now it’s 2021 and we’re revved up and ready to go.

Registration is open between 10 May and 7 June 2021. Please fill out the form below and Submit. Any questions call Kaz Shirley on 0437 032 647.

Artists are reminded that this is an artist led event. Artists are required to take a lead role in publicising the event through social media and word of mouth and engaging with visitors to make the event interactive.


Venues will again be in the four towns of Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff. Whilst we would love to spread BAT geographically across the whole of the Bellarine, it is just not feasible. As in previous years artists from the remainder of the Bellarine are welcome to participate in group venues in one of the four towns. For more information about this aspect of the event please call Kaz Shirley on 0437 032 647.


Group venues will again provide an important opportunity for artists to work together. BHAC organisers will provide some group spaces, but artists are welcome and encouraged to find their own venue space (in one of the four towns) and form their own groups.


In the past BHAC has provided hanging frames for artists to use in group venues, however this won’t be possible this year. Artists will be responsible for providing their own equipment to set up and display artworks.


Whilst the event has been partially funded through a grant from City of Greater Geelong Arts and Culture Department and the Borough of Queenscliffe, this extra funding will assist with the costs of map design, printing, publicity and managing the project. Direct debit into the BHAC account is preferred.
Barwon Heads Arts Council
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633 000
A/c: 149664872
Please include your name in the transaction.

Artist registrations will not be confirmed until payment has been received.


An Artists statement and images will be used to promote the Artists in the BAT Map. This information is to be used to publicise the artists in the BAT map. You will be required to submit one or two medium to high resolution images (No greater than 5MB). Details are supplied further on. Participating artists will be required to proof read their entry prior to the trail map being printed. Map details in draft form will be emailed to you between 5 – 16 July and again between 9 – 13 August. (Refer to Timeline for context). It is important that you proof read your entry and provide feedback within the required timeframe.


All participating artists must have Public Liability Insurance Cover. Artists who are financial BHAC members are covered for public liability through an arrangement we have with Regional Arts Victoria. However, this does not include your home or studio.

Private Venues

Private properties need Public Liability coverage, which is either separate public liability insurance or included in the general home insurance policy. Participating artists are required to provide a Certificate of Currency or Public Liability as proof of insurance. Please check with your own Insurance Company so you can decide how to proceed.

The artist responsible for the venue is asked to conduct a venue safety assessment and facilities inspection prior to the event in partnership with the venue owner and Barwon Heads Arts Council.

Public Venues

Each group venue or public venue must also be covered by Public Liability insurance. Venue owners are required to provide a copy of the relevant Public Liability Insurance cover.


At the end of the Registration Form are agreements that are necessary for participation in the event. When you have Registered we will mail you the Agreement form, which together with the Entry Fee and the Certificate of Insurance, are necessary to participate.


All venues will be required to adhere to the relevant COVID restrictions at the time of the event. We will update you as the year progresses, but in the meantime, here is the relevant link.


The personal information requested on this form is being collected by the BHAC for BAT 2021 registration. The personal information will be used solely for that primary purpose or directly related purposes.


BHAC would like to thank you for registering for our 4th BAT. We were thrilled with the success of the first three events in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and hope that this Arts Trail will develop into an annual showcase of the amazing talent we have here on the Bellarine.


    Registration for Bellarine Arts Trail 2021
    Name (required):
    Phone (required):
    Email (required):

    BAT venues, both private properties and public venues, shape the Arts Trail, providing the core program of this event. Details of the venues will be provided on the official BAT Map, the BHAC website and Facebook page, and in various print media.

    Venue Name:
    Venue Address:
    Are you inviting any other artists into your studio? Yes/No/Details:

    I have no Venue so match me with other artists: YesNo
    I am part of a collective of artists: YesNo
    Artist Collective Name:

    GENERAL OPENING HOURS to be advertised on the trail map will be 10am – 4pm each day. If you intend to be open at DIFFERENT hours to this, please nominate your times:
    Open Hours Saturday 30 October:
    Open Hours Sunday 31 October:

    We will get images from you later to promote the BAT Map. Here we need the text to print.
    Your name as it is to appear on the Trail Map:
    My Artists Statement:(What are you offering BAT Visitors? 30 Words Max)

    I plan to provide Workshops and/or Demonstrations:YesNo
    If YES, Workshop/Demonstration Details: (30 Words Max)
    Will the Workshop/Demo be Ongoing throughout the weekend? YesNo
    If No, indicate Start/Finish times Saturday 30:
    If No, indicate Start/Finish times Sunday 31:
    Contact Phone Number for Public Use?
    Your Website/FB/Social Media URL for Public Use?

    I state that the information I have submitted on my application is true and correct. I agree to allow representatives of the Barwon Heads Arts Council (BHAC) to visit my studio/venue to determine viability and accessibility and to undertake site inspections. I understand that should my proposed site not be appropriate; an alternative site may need to be negotiated.

    I agree to be in my studio or exhibition space for all dates and times of the weekend program and act as a representative of my work. In case of emergency or sickness, I will make sure that my studio or exhibition space is staffed in my absence.

    I agree to publicise and share via print media and Internet the information and images I contribute to the BAT. BHAC has the authority to use images and reproduction of the images for additional promotional opportunities, including promotion of the BHAC. All accepted images will be held as part of the BAT and BHAC image database.

    I agree to promote BAT 2021 through my own networks and social media platforms.

    I understand I need to check my own home insurance, and if necessary arrange separate Public Liability Cover. I understand that I need to be covered by public liability insurance. I will be able to provide proof of this insurance.

    I agree to hold harmless, BHAC, its officers, volunteers and Committee members from any and all claims, actions and demands or other proceedings for any actual or alleged injury to persons or damage to property for any reason arising out of any act or omission of myself or my premises.

    I certify that I have read this document carefully and that I understand and agree to all conditions. We will be in contact to obtain verification of your Public Liability Insurance and to get a formal signature of this agreement.

    Submitted by:

    PDF Documents

    Information and Registration

    Timeline 2021


    Photo Guide for BAT Submission