Creating a Viable Arts & Community Hub for BH and Bellarine

We recently sat down with planners at COGG and objectors and had a really good discussion clarifying information and hearing each other’s point of view.  We are providing further information and hope we can report a good outcome later this month.

What we’re requesting:

  • An increase in opening hours from 6pm-10pm (mon-sat) to allow for greater community use outside of working hours.
  • An increase in numbers on site from 33 to 100 to allow the building to be fully utilised and to provide more flexibility to book multiple areas concurrently on the site (The Makers Shed, Exhibition Area, Meeting Rooms x 2) as well as run viable community / arts events.  The requested 100 people is a maximum only and we expect regular use to be estimated at 30-70 but the maximum allows for viable community / arts events and times when spaces can be booked concurrently (e.g. Makers Shed Art Class 25, Exhibition Opening 60 )

Why we’re requesting this change:

  • BHAC is committed to creating a thriving and viable arts & community hub, which was the intended purpose of this $1.5 plus million building, and to do this we need to allow for greater community use.  More information – BHAC STRATEGIC PLAN.

A Bit More Background

  • The Barwon Heads Arts Council (BHAC) is a not for profit volunteer organisation who together with the BHA lobbied for many years to get this wonderful facility built.  We’ve successfully managed the Arts Hub  for the past 12 months, making it available to the community as well as facilitating a varied program of community arts activities.  ARTS HUB EVENTS PROGRAM
  • An independent traffic & parking study by TTM Consulting has reported that BHAC’s requested increase in patron numbers and hours for the Arts Hub can be accommodated with available parking onsite and nearby. Data also supports that nearly 50% of day time users to the Arts Hub access the facility as pedestrians.
  • Over 40 community groups and individuals (including the Barwon Heads Association and the Senior Citizens Club) took the time to write letters in support of our application.  This evidence of community support, together with booking requests data has been provided to COGG planners.
  • This is the first time BHAC has applied for a permit / change  for the Barwon Heads Arts & Community Hub.  BHAC was not the original applicant who requested a 33 patron cap and limited opening hours.
  • The Arts Hub is not a general events venue but is for arts and community use.  More information ARTS HUB.