Happy New Year!  The Arts Hub will now be able to open in the evenings.

Planning permission has been granted by the City of Greater Geelong to expand the Barwon Heads Arts & Community Hub’s opening hours and capacity limits to allow for greater community use.

THANK YOU to the many members of our community who took the time to write letters advocating for this change.   Your words really helped us to clearly communicate the level of community need for greater use of this new community asset.

Permitted Use – Available for Hire

  • Monday-Saturday 8.00am-10.00pm
  • Sundays 8.00am-6.00pm
  • Capacity Limits – 100 people during the day and 50 people in the evenings with the exception of twelve times per year 100 people will be allowed in the evenings.

The Barwon Heads Arts and Community Hub was originally restricted to opening hours of 8am-6.00pm and capacity limits of 33 people across the whole site.    During 2023 Barwon Heads Arts Council worked to gather community use data, traffic and parking assessments and engage with community to understand any concerns and to explain the intended use of Arts Hub for arts activities and as a community meeting space.

We’re really pleased with the changed permitted conditions and look forward to expanding the Arts Hub’s program of activities and use into the evenings and making the Arts Hub more viable and vibrant in 2024.

Evening Use of the Arts Hub is available in January to all previously inducted community groups and will be available for new users from February, when the volunteer committee returns from the Summer school holidays.