The Barwon Heads Arts Council is located on The Bellarine in Victoria, Australia.  This beautiful peninsula is where the Barwon River winds its way from the Otway Ranges behind the Great Ocean Road through Geelong and the wetlands to arrive at the ocean between the townships of Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.  We recognise the significance and richness of this coastal area, its environment and cultural history and we acknowledge its First Nations people, the Wadawurrung.

Our Story

In 2012, a community meeting was held to discuss whether the community saw the need for an arts organisation in Barwon Heads and The Bellarine. After a resounding yes, it led to the establishment in 2013, of the Barwon Heads Arts Council (BHAC) as a not-for-profit incorporated organisation.  Today the Barwon Heads Arts Council represents our local Bellarine artists, visual, literary and performing through the management of the Barwon Heads Arts & Community Hub, the coordination of arts programming and The Bellarine Arts Trail.  To find out more about our plan for managing the Arts Hub  VIEW OUR PLAN 

Now with the help of the community, state and local government the arts on The Bellarine has a new home.   The Barwon Heads Arts & Community Hub is now available for use and is home to a growing program of art exhibitions, creative workshops and events.  

Our Committee

VICKI STRACHANCommittee / Art Hub Coordinator
Vicki lives in Barwon Heads and co-founded the Barwon Heads Arts Council in 2013.

Vicki has been involved with community organisations for many years and her interest in community arts is linked to her strong interest in health and wellbeing and how the newly opened Arts Hub can connect our regional community to reduce social isolation.

Her career has focussed on community/stakeholder engagement and project management in various industries including community arts, disability, health, hospitality and local government.

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Kaz joined the Arts Council when it was formed in 2013 and served as Treasurer for the first 3 years. Since then she has undertaken the Vice President and now President roles. Kaz is very keen to bring arts and culture opportunities to the community. She is particularly keen to develop opportunities for artists to connect with each other and the public. This was her motivation when creating the popular Bellarine Arts Trail (BAT) in 2016.

Kazs’ main artistic interest is abstract painting; however, she loves to push her own boundaries by learning new skills including printmaking, textiles, design and ceramics.

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Caroline has been in the treasury position at the Barwon Heads Arts Council for the last 4 years and has been instrumental in offering Performing Arts events to the local community, as an Arts Council Annual Event. On behalf of the Arts Council, Caroline has also been fortunate enough to assist in the fruition and completion of many wonderful arts auspice projects.
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I’m an award-winning novelist and short story writer who has lived in
Ocean Grove since 2009 and I’m keen to help aspiring and emerging
writers in my community. In 2018 and 2019 I ran writing workshops
through the BHAC and the Friends of the Barwon Heads Library and my
future plans include a writers’ mentorship program.
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Libby has a long association with Barwon Heads and the Bellarine and has a keen interest in fostering community participation in the arts.

Libby has studied literature and music, is a trained facilitator and has a Post Graduate in marketing. She has been a board member of state and regional industry organisations. Libby began her marketing career in destination marketing and has worked in research, strategic planning and marketing communications, consulting to not for profits, business, community and government organizations.

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Sophia Legoe is a ceramic artist who works from her home studio in Barwon Heads. She has a Bachelor degree with honours in Fine Arts from the University of Melbourne, VCA. Her current work is inspired by time in the water and her local environment, manifesting in sculptural vessels that revel in glaze chemistry and it’s beautiful possibilities. Sophia believes that connection, fun and well-being through creativity is the power of community arts.
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Viva joined the Arts Council most recently in 2023. Her passion in Visual and creative arts has lead her into the role of Exhibition Co-ordinator at the New Arts Hub. Viva has grown-up, studied, worked, and been surrounded but the arts. Her academic training and diverse work experience – from Commercial Photography to Creative Director of a fashion label and, most recently, Gallery exhibition sales and management – has given her valuable skills and experience in the creative arts industry.
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