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Drypoint Etching

Drypoint is a different way of creating an intaglio print which, like an etching, is all about fine lines and delicate marks. Unlike etchings where grooves are made through the use of chemicals, the artist manually scratches into the plate to create rough areas (burr) which hold the ink. Like etchings, the plate is covered with ink and then carefully wiped away before printing, leaving ink in the scratches.

In this class, participants will learn how to etch and print an acetate drypoint etching.

Participants will learn about the etching process, inking, paper choice, registration, using a press and different ways to add colour.

Participants will etch a plate using their own drawings or photographs.

Using an etching press, participants will ink their plate then print onto printmaking paper

There will be experimentation with adding colour and tone

What participants will get:

• a small edition of unique prints

• written notes detailing process

• an acetate drypoint printing plate, 150 X 200mm

• printmaking paper, Somerset or Fabriano 200gsm

• use of required materials and equipment including printing inks, tarlatan,   etching press, extra paper

• tea, coffee, biscuits

What to bring:

• image/s to use as ideas for your print – these can be photos or drawings 

• protective clothing

• lunch


Wednesday June 19

10am – 2pm

Number limited to 9

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