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This 4-week workshop is best suited to beginners, or those who are getting back into drawing.

It is designed for people who are looking to learn the fundamentals of observational drawing & techniques.

Each week we will cover a different topic:

  • WEEK1: Drawing techniques
  • WEEK2: Still life drawing 1 using various drawing materials
  • WEEK3: Still life drawing 2 Art elements & principles
  • WEEK4: Still life drawing 3: CHARCOAL & INK

There will be demonstrations and one-on-one guidance throughout the classes.

What you will learn

By mastering basic techniques, artists can create more accurate and realistic drawings, as well as explore their creativity and develop their own style.

What to bring:

All drawing materials will be supplied.

You may bring your own sketchbook and drawing tools, if you prefer

Bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/CRVSB


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