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Shellac Plate Printmaking is a versatile printmaking method suitable for all skill levels.

Shellac plates are made by coating straw board with several layers of shellac and letting it dry. 

An image can be drawn directly onto the plate then incised using an etching needle, knife or anything which leaves a mark.

Inking and printing the plate is similar to an etching. 

Shellac plates will be premade for all participants.

In the workshop participants will learn the basics of shellac plate printmaking.

Participants will use a variety of tools to etch a plate using their own drawings or photographs.

Using an etching press, participants will ink up their plate then print their design onto printmaking paper

What participants will get:

• a small edition of unique prints

• written notes detailing process

• a shellac printing plate, 210 X 150mm

• printmaking paper, Somerset or Fabriano 200gsm

• use of required materials and equipment including printing inks, tarlatan,   etching press, extra paper

• tea, coffee, biscuits

What to bring:

• image/s to use as ideas for your print – these can be photos or drawings 

• protective clothing

• lunch


Thursday July 18

10am – 2pm

Number limited to 9

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